The Most Effective Porn Neutralizer

Play the NEUTRALIZER SOUND TRACK in the background while you are watching ANY porn video to neutralize the moans, experience release hands free and skip the fap! (Click on the Green DEMO button to watch demo porn videos with the neutralizer vibrating tone in the background).

Buy a 20 minute version of the neutralizing track and carry it with you on your mobile phone offline!

Payment is done securely by PayPal or Stripe, a safe and secure system by Wix.

ONLY USD 5.00 for your whole lifetime, NO SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! 

You get 20 minute of neutralizing track that you can put on repeat when watching ANY porn video to skip the fap!!!


Get a 30 second track for FREE with the neutralizing waves in the background. The downside is that there is background music whereas the full 20 minute version is pure neutralizing waves. You can loop the 30 second track.